Panel Blinds Melbourne

Best Quality Panel Blinds in Melbourne

Are you planning to give your doors and windows a new and a modern look? Then Panel Blinds would be an ideal choice. Panel blinds will not only make your home look wonderful but will also impress your guests.

Panel blinds are modern versions of vertical blinds and are available in varied forms and are very easy to use. These are deceptively simple in appearance yet intelligent in design and can easily be matched with the other blinds too, thus giving a uniform look to your room.

Custom Design Blinds has the best range of blinds, drapes, and curtains in Melbourne. We have an exclusive variety of panel blinds that would provide a totally unique and attractive look to the place they are installed in.

Apart from providing the best panel blinds in Melbourne, we also provide easy blinds installation services in Melbourne at best rates.

Panel Blinds Melbourne
Panel Blinds Melbourne

Why Should You Opt For Panel Blinds?

Panel blinds have various advantages over other types of blinds. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our panel blinds:

  • Flexible

Panel blinds can be easily coordinated with other blinds thus giving your house a new look by making your home functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Room Dividers

If you have a large sized room and if you are planning to divide it, and then panel blinds would be the best option for you. These act as perfect room dividers giving your rooms a neat and clean look every time.

  • Compatible

Panel blinds go perfectly with very large doors and windows of the houses, sliding and even the bi-folds.

  • Conventional

These blinds are very versatile and innovative and are a practical choice that will add a stylish look to your home.

  • Cost Effective

Custom Design Blinds provides panel blinds and their installation at the most affordable prices that will surely suit your pockets.

Panel Blinds Melbourne
Panel Blinds Melbourne

Types of Panel Blinds in Melbourne

Custom Design Blinds has an exclusive range of panel blinds which are easy to operate. The panels can be drawn sideways and outside on both the sides and get easily stacked on one another. We have provided two modes of operation:

  • Cord Operated

Cords are provided on the sides, for side operation. You just have to hold the cords in both hands for lifting up or lowering down the blind.

  • Wand Operated

This system makes blind operation very easy. By this, the blind can be drawn back and forth. This operation also helps in opening the blind from the middle.

Exclusive Range of Panel Blinds in Melbourne

Custom Design Blinds panel blinds have an aluminum top with matching bottom rails so that you can choose from a number of variants. Some of the variants provided by us include:

  • Block-out Panel Blinds

These blinds are most suitable for your bedrooms as these completely cut-off the sunlight and prevent anyone from peeping inside, thus providing you complete privacy. They are also suitable for the living area where you can relax and can enjoy your television.

  • Translucent Panel Blinds

This variety of ours is suitable for almost everyone and can be installed anywhere in your home, in any area. Besides protection from the scorching sunlight, these blinds allow only a suitable part of light to enter the rooms thus, acting as sunlight filters.

  • Screen Panel Blinds

These are a mixture of the block-out and translucent blinds and act as sunglasses for your house. These blinds, in addition to providing privacy, also give you a complete view of outside and only allow a part of the sunlight to enter inside. These are perfect choices for schools and offices.

Panel Blinds Melbourne
Panel Blinds Melbourne

Best Panel Blinds in Melbourne

Custom Design Blinds always ensures that our customers always get benefits while choosing these blinds from us. We serve remote suburbs of Melbourne. Our services extend to every place in Melbourne including hospitals, shops, maintenance firms, government buildings, hotels, churches, restaurants, factories and sporting clubs.

We cater same day services and will provide you experienced and trained professionals for blind installation purpose. Feel free to call us to avail our unbeatable customer services all over Melbourne.

Why Buy Panel Blinds From Custom Design Blinds?

  • We care for your children and their safety. Hence, we provide wand operation in our blinds that is easy and also safe to be used by you and your child.
  • Our blinds are available in a wide range of color, designs, and fabrics. You can choose from plain, textures, jacquards and prints, block-outs, fabrics with clean lines or with some other distinctive patterns.   
  • Our blinds are available in various drawing options. These can be operated back, forth, upwards and backward.
  • We have an option of providing you the co-ordination of panel blinds with the other blinds roller blinds, roman or vertical blinds.
  • We provide you with quality fittings and materials and ensure that we will deliver superior product each time.
  • We provide multiple channel tracking that is available in channel systems 2, 3, 4 and 5 that will surely suit all your requirements.
  • We also have different sizes available from 400mm-1000mm with a width of 4800mm.

Best Panel Blinds Installation Services in Melbourne

Custom Design Blinds provide its blinds installation services to a range of commercial and residential establishments. Our experts will help you in making the right choice for your homes by selecting the best one for you. We will take into account every millimeter of your window with our latest measuring equipment. Our professionals are trained to do accurate measurements so as to deliver perfection to our customers.

Panel Blinds can be easily installed on windows and large doorways. If you are having sliding doors and bifolds in your houses then we strongly recommend the use of our panel blinds. Their easy operation ensures that your doorways never get blocked. Also if you are having large picture windows then these are ideal for them thus, giving you the best view from inside at an affordable price.

Panel Blinds Maintenance

Panel blinds are easy to maintain. Dust them regularly with a soft brush, a cloth or with a vacuum cleaner brush. Spots and stains can be removed with the use of mild detergents. Avoid opening and closing the fabric as this may damage the blinds.

So, if you want to get these lovely blinds installed on your beautiful windows just make a call to Panel Blinds in Melbourne and get it done in no time. Do call us!

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