Most Appropriate Insulation Blinds

Did you know choosing the right kind of blinds can help you keep your home insulated properly? This gives you not just the correct amount of light and heat but also saves money on energy bills. The new millennial is shifting to natural lighting and open architectural plans for designing homes. These factors improve a house’s energy rating. The easiest way to increase natural light in your home is by installing large glass windows.

However, it becomes difficult to maintain a comfortable and warm atmosphere inside the home during winters if a lot of heat is able to escape through these large windows. Apart from having fire blazers and heaters, it is essential to get proper window treatments to keep the heat intact in your home. Certain kind of blinds can help you insulate your home and bring down your heating bills. And this insulation is also helpful during summers to keep the heat out of the house.

Here are the best available options for insulating blinds:

  • Honeycomb Blinds

    Honeycomb Blinds
    Honeycomb Blinds

    Honeycomb blinds are considered the best insulating blinds because they are made up of small cells that hold pockets of air to slow down the heating process of the window. You can get foiled lining for premium blockout honeycomb blinds for additional heat protection and blockout.

  • Roller Shutters

    Roller shutters made of aluminium are another good choice for insulating blinds. These are filled with foam for additional insulation and they also insulate your house from noise. Moreover, external aluminium shutters provide added security to the house as they are strong enough.

  • Thick Curtains

    You can use thick dark coloured curtains to act as good insulators in your house. Find thick fabric for the curtains and you can save heat transfer to and from your window.

  • Plantation Shutters

    Plantation Shutters
    Plantation Shutters

    Plantation shutters used inside a house are a nice way to keep heat out of your house. You can also opt for Thermopoly Synthetic plantation shutters to act as insulating blinds. It is advisable to choose light colours for maximum results.

  • Dual Roller Blinds

    A dual roller blinds consists of two blinds on a single window. One blind is a blackout blind and the second is a screen blind. The pockets of air between these two blinds slow down the speed of the heat entering into the house. These blinds add a protective shield on your window. Choose thicker fabric and lighter colour for both the blinds and you will be sorted. For additional insulation, you just have to keep one blind up or down at a time or both the blinds down.

  • Fabric Awnings

    By installing fabric awnings on the outside of the window to protect the window from the outside. Pick a lighter fabric for external fabric awning and it will reflect the heat in a better way.

    Fabric Awnings
    Fabric Awnings
  • Blackout Roller Blinds

    Custom made blackout roller blinds do not let any heat to come into your house. Thereby, your home stays comfy during summers and it reduces your air conditioning usage.

How to Choose Right Insulating Blinds

Once you decide to install insulating blinds at your home, it is imperative to have some knowledge beforehand. Here are a few things you need to take into consideration while installing blinds to keep your home insulated:

Colour & Opacity

Australia witnesses miserable winters and sweltering summers. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your house protected in severe summers and extreme winters. The right kind of blind can make all the difference to protect your house. But you surely cannot have blockout blinds on every window of your house. So you can opt for those fabrics that can block out heat and light without being dark. For example, white block out blinds help in reflecting heat in the summers and let you feel alive in the winters as they don’t stop light from entering into the house.

Custom Design Blinds
Custom Design Blinds

Colour and opacity are two main factors that you need to consider while choosing insulating blinds. Insulating blinds does not mean you have to opt for complete opaque and only darker shades.


Each blind has its own style and look. It depends on your personal preference which blind appeals your taste. Roman blinds are considered elegant and simple. They add a contemporary and classic look to your house. Roller blinds, on the other hand, give a sleek appearance to your windows. These can be made in block out fabrics and are ideal for residential as well as commercial properties.

Venetian blinds made of timber are another good insulating blind that can be used as fully closed for complete block out. You can even use them as fully opened if at times you want to let natural light enter your house. You can even set these blinds at specific angles to let a little light enter the room.

Window Blinds Services
Window Blinds Services

Pick a style that goes well with your home decor and complements your furniture too.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right kind of blinds – design, style, beauty, colour, and budget. If you still are unable to take into account all these factors and pick a suitable blind then call Custom Design Blinds. Our qualified professionals will be happy to help you and advise you on what suitable options you have when it comes to insulating blinds!

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