Multiple Advantages of Roman Blinds

Roman window blinds are not just another window covering blocking those irritating sun rays for you. Instead, they are the gateway to formal looks when it comes to window shades.

Made from fabric these blinds just like Rollers also have an effective operating system in place in the form of a pulley.

They stack up in uniformity when on being opened and while that leaves many portions of the fabric exposed the blind in particular maintains a smooth appearance.

Roman Blinds Installation
Roman Blinds Installation

Two Major Styles of Roman Blinds Available in The Market are the Classic and Looped Versions:

  • Classic Roman Shades:

    These pleated shades are classic, cordless, stylish, modern and yet energy efficient. When pulled up they sit down on the top as if to hide from sight when the blind is opened.
  • Looped or Hobbled Shades:

    Having folds which effectively cascade down the face of the shade while opening only helps in adding to the elegance of these Roman blinds. The very same feature also enables depth creation thus making the whole shade highly efficient.

How Much Roman Blinds in Melbourne Costs?

In the international market, they start at around $45 for basic patterns and hobbled versions being billed somewhat in the vicinity of $70.

But we suggest, you look beyond the numbers.

For a Roman blind is more about the fashion quotient, it will be comparatively higher priced than other shades however the basis of cost is often the fabric you opt for.

Simply put, the higher the quality of the fabric, the more the cost!

Privacy Calling? Choose Roman Blinds!

Below are some advantages of Roman Blinds that you must go through before making up your mind on which shade to install:

  • Antique:

    When a fashion statement has been there for centuries you know it is priceless. That’s exactly what Roman blinds bring to the table. From dining spaces to living rooms, these shades have donned people’s hearts for ages!
  • Energy-efficient:

    For eco-friendly souls out there, who are concerned about saving energy and reducing the global carbon footprint, these shades are perfect whether you choose to keep the heat away in summers or vice versa in winters.
  • Privacy:

    On the flip side you can’t control the amount of light but being optimistic hardly hurts. Not when completely blocking the light is the privacy goal you were looking to tick off!

Installing It Like a Pro.

While there are plenty of professional Best Blinds Installation Melbourne, some of them even online and with prices well within the budget of a normal buyer, We bring to you a quick pattern on how to install it yourself:

  • Position the brackets on the exact location where blind is to be hung, followed by the marking of screw positions.
  • One by one drill the screws so that the bracket stays perfectly in position. Repeat similarly for all brackets.
  • Insert the top of the clip into brackets while tipping the headrail at an approximate angle of 45 degrees away from you.
  • Once hooked in we must also check by pulling the headrail whether the blind is working well.
Blinds Installation Service
Blinds Installation Service

Give a Call to Our Well-Trained Professionals for Roman Blind Installation.

There are many dealers at Melbourne who sell roman blinds of various materials and patterns as well install it free of cost.

We at Custom Design Blinds also have an up to date state of the art collection of roller blinds that will catch your imagination like never before.

Our antique collection of some old age roman blinds will leave you breathless. You can have a glimpse of roman shades available in our store right here in the attached link.

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