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Plantation shutters Geelong. Call us @ 03 6145 0073 and get a huge variety of plantation shutters and roller blinds in Geelong at best rates.

Get Stylish & Efficient Plantation Shutters at Coolest Prices

Welcome to Custom Design Blinds. We are located in Geelong with an aim to deliver highly functional, absolutely stunning, and yet lowest priced plantation shutters to you! We deal in all kinds of blinds for domestic as well as commercial properties. Whether it is your home or your office for which you want designer blinds/plantation shutters in Geelong – Custom Design Blinds will help you pick just the right product. We have all kinds of blinds ranging from plantation shutters to Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, and awnings.


Plantation shutters have a versatile characteristic. This is because they consist of different materials depending upon the requirement. They are beautiful to look at and extremely practical in usage. This rare combination makes them a good alternative for blinds and awnings. You get an attractive looking device to decide how much light you wish to have in a room. We make customized plantation shutters which you can use them as hinged, bi-fold, fixed, or sliding. They come in different blade sizes too. These are beneficial to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Call our experts at Custom Design Blinds to know more about our classy range of plantation shutters.

Features and Benefits of Plantation Shutters


    Shutters can be easily tailored to fit any window space in your homes. Different shapes and sizes of windows can be covered by plantation shutters. Complex shapes like circular, hexagon and rectangular windows can easily get covered by plantation shutters.


    Plantation shutters are very stylish, elegant and add beauty to your windows and doors. With a variety of colours and textures, plantation shutters can compliment any kind of interior decor. Choose from hundreds of colours matching your style and interiors.


    Plantation shutters are an ideal solution for home insulation and also help in ventilation during summers. These shutters can keep warm sunlight away in summers and stop cold chilly winds to enter your home in winters.


    Plantation shutters are very accessible and are easy to clean and maintain. These shutters are an ideal solution for people suffering from allergic reactions to pollen, dust and pet dander. Thick and fabric curtains can attract a lot of dust and pollen are very time taking and hectic to clean.


    Shutters are very comfortable and easy to use, whether you for children, old or differently abled. The absence of ties, loose ends and strings can prevent accidents and mishappenings. Easy to close and upon whereas curtains are thick and bulky.

Wide Range of Plantation Shutters

We try to have them all at Custom Design Blinds. Here is what we have got for you:

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are usually used where you wish to cover the whole window opening. They give extra privacy and complete control over light. They are considered good for noise and insulation protection as well. At Custom Design Blinds we make roller shutters in different hues that go perfectly well with any decor.

These come in two options – with a manual winder or electric winder. With electric winder, you can slide up and down the blind with a button. On the other hand, you need to spin the hand crank to do so in a manual one.


Timber Shutter

Timber shutters are today’s choice. They can be made from western red cedar, basswood, or artwood and any of these surely adds elegance to your window. We use only those trees for timber shutters that are grown for this purpose only. We design the slats in aerofoil shape because it enables better closure and makes the reflected light’s angel less obvious. Additionally, with this design, you hear the whistling sound of the breeze entering.

Outdoor Shutters

At Custom Design Blinds we make outdoor shutters from aluminium because of its elegance and usability. These are usually made in 89mm blades with your choice of colour. Outdoor shutters, when used in patio areas and alike, give better shade from the sun without blocking the cool breeze.


PVC Plantation Shutters

Custom Design Blinds prefers to use PVC for making indoor shutters. This material is water resistant and more durable in the long run. We design them in various colours with blades of different sizes ranging from 63mm to 89mm blades. PVC shutters are suitable where moisture content is high such as your bathroom or kitchen area.

Aluminium Shutter

Aluminium shutters are suitable over timber shutters because of their versatile nature. You can use them both for outdoors and indoors. They can be of almost double the size of timber/vinyl shutters without any joint. We make aluminium shutters in accordance with the industry standards. They come in different blade sizes and colours. When you buy aluminium shutters from Custom Design Blinds you get a warranty against issues like coating, twisting, and bowing.

Aluminium shutters are moisture resistant and weather changes don’t have a significant effect on them. You can use them for kitchen and bathrooms without any worries. Moreover, they are a great choice for outdoors as they are stronger and more durable. Use them in your balconies and patios and give a new look to your home.


Corner Window Shutters

If you have got a window at the edge of the room, we can design a beautiful corner window shutter for it. Our customized shutter will not just provide a decent transition at the corner but also add to the decor of the room.

Angled Plantation Shutter

Angled plantation shutters are suitable for eccentric windows that have a round, square, or triangular opening. We at Custom Design Blinds provide a perfect fit and absolutely good material.

Sliding Door Shutters

Our specially made sliding door shutters are a perfect fit for closets and cupboards. They are extremely practical, functional, and yet gorgeous in looks. You can also use them as a divider in any room.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Bi-fold shutters are suitable for extra wide openings where you wish to add a door. We can also help you hide a not-so-good-looking door behind one of our beautifully designed bi-fold shutters.

Blockout Shutters

Blockout shutters are a savior where you need complete privacy and completely no light from outside. So if the complete blackout is on your mind, go for these shutters. Get them from a wide range of shutters from Custom Design Blinds.

Why Go For Plantation Shutters?

You can count your blessings once you opt for a plantation shutter because of it:

  • Gives control over light, ventilation, and privacy
  • Protects you from sun and UV rays
  • Is available in various colours
  • Provides good insulation
  • Comes with an aerofoil shaped front
  • Is available in bi-fold, sliding, fixed, and hinged options

Apart from these, we provide customized designs of just the right fit to suit any kind of window or door.

Why Choose Our Plantation Shutters Geelong?

Custom Design Blinds is a leading name in Geelong because

  • We have 20 years of industry experience
  • Further, we are locals of Geelong
  • Also, we have licensed and certified professionals
  • Additionally, we make customized plantation shutters & other blinds
  • Our plantation shutters come at the lowest prices in Geelong
  • Moreover, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction & perfect fit

Custom Design Blinds Geelong boasts of the widest collection of plantation shutters. We not just design and manufacture but also install plantation shutters. Moreover, we give our customers quality products/services and unbeatable after sales customer service. Make your living and working areas more functional and gorgeous with our modish plantation shutters!

Our Service Areas

We provide plantation shutters Geelong for all types of buildings including churches, government buildings, construction sites, sporting clubs, hotels, factories, schools, shops, hospitals, and restaurants.

Thus, give us a call and get the brightest plantation shutters anywhere in Geelong!

Frequently Asked Questions on Plantation Shutters Geelong:

Do plantation shutters block out heat?

It helps in blocking the heat but for a limited temperature of heat. If the heat goes above that level, it will not be able to block them. This also helps in making the room a dark place.

Are wood or vinyl shutters better?

Yes, they are better for indoor installation. They are long-lasting and do not fade easily. They are naturally flame-retardant and insulate better than any other indoor shutters.

Are plantation shutters modern?

The plantation shutters seem to be old and traditional but they are modern and trending installation for the windows. They are preferred more due to their durability. They also help in making the house a secured one.

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