Roman Blinds Melbourne

Stunning Roman Blinds Melbourne

Are you planning to get rid of the heavy and the bulky look of the house? Then, Roman blinds Melboure will be a good option for you.

Roman blinds impart an elegant and a classy look to your house. As the name indicates, Roman blinds were originally designed by the Romans and have now become an integral part of the modern decor. The best part of roman blinds is that they are very simple to use.

Further, you don’t need to worry thinking that they will ever get out of fashion. Roman blinds Melbourne are always loved and attract the right attention.

Custom Design Blinds is a leading company in Melbourne that deals with all kinds of blinds. We have the best and exclusive range of roman blinds which are suitable both for residential and commercial purposes. In addition to roman blinds in Melbourne, we also have an eye-catchy range of panel blinds, roller blinds, roller shutter blinds and others in Melbourne.

Roman Blinds Melbourne
Roman Blinds Melbourne

Why Choose Roman Blinds Over Others?

Custom Design Blinds understands your dilemma, and here are a few reasons why you should choose roman blinds:

  • Various forms and varieties of roman blinds provide beauty and elegance to your homes and offices.
  • Roman blinds add class and character wherever they are installed home or office. Various designs of these blinds add warmth to the surrounding area.
  • These blinds impart a neat and a clean look whether in use or not.
  • Further, roman blinds are very energy efficient and control the indoor temperatures by cutting off the extra sunlight.

Types of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Melbourne
Roman Blinds Melbourne

Custom Design Blinds has a range of roman blinds. Some of these include:

  • Flat Roman Blinds

    The fabric of these blinds lies flat on the window panels and forms a clean fold when raised. These blinds can be smooth or can have visible pleats. Flat roman blinds can be further categorized as:

  • Unconstructed Flat Romans

    These are a simple piece of fabric that hangs over the window without any bars or additional panels.

  • Constructed Flat Roman

    The fabric panels are sewed together along with bars that are placed 6-8 inches apart so as to provide the fabric durability and rigidity.

  • Balloon Roman Blinds

    These are highly decorative blinds. They have inverted box pleats open at the top, soft and scalloping at the bottom. They are ideal for mounting outside.

  • Butterfly Roman Blinds

    These are small winged offshoots and have swags at the bottom so as to provide them with additional richness.

  • Tucked/Pleated Roman Blinds

    It is a Zen-Asian inspired blind that gives them body and substance. The fabric has uniform folds placed 4-5 inches apart. When raised, the panels are placed on top of the other. The rod pockets and dowel provide the required body and strength to the blinds.

  • Austrian Roman Blinds

    These blinds require double the fabric than a normal blind. These blinds have several vertical and horizontal rows gathered along the scalloping bottom.

  • Faux Roman Blinds

    These blinds are also known as stationary shades. These blinds provide the illusion to your house without the addition of any yardage or operating system. They also impart a high end look to your room.

  • Hobbled Roman Blinds

    The flowing cascade and the overlapping folds and loops of these blinds impart a drapery look to it. These blinds give your windows a soft ruffle effect. If you want your windows to have more bulk, then this one is ideal for you.

  • Embellished Roman Blinds

    These blinds add additional beauty to your rooms. You can get the bottom of the fabric curved that will spread out like a fan when opened, or can also make some tassels, fringes, and beads attached that will give the blind an embellished look.

  • European Fold Roman Blind

    These give a soft and relaxed look to the room. The bottom curves up when the shade is raised. These blinds are ideal for dining and living rooms.

Why Buy Roman Blinds from Custom Design Blinds?

Roman Blinds Melbourne
Roman Blinds Melbourne

Our blinds have several features that will make your room look simply beautiful:

    • Unique

      The unique fabric of our blinds offers great combination and privacy.

    • User-friendly operation

      The user-friendly operation and function of our blinds are suitable for every environment.

    • Variety of fabrics

      We offer a wide variety of fabrics with different and attractive prices that will suit your budget.

    • Efficient Color Co-ordination

      All the components we provide are mostly neutral, with the bottom rails wrapped properly to give them a decorative look.

    • Working parts

      All the bottom and the headrails are extruded aluminum profiles that prevent them from rusting.

    Mode of Operation of Roman Blinds

    Different rooms require different styles of blinds with a different mode of operation. Custom Design Blinds provides a range of roman blinds with various modes of operations:

    • Cord Operation

      This mode of operation is very simple to use. A cord is used to raise and lower the blind that can be tied or locked on to locking device.

    • Chain Operation

      A looped chain is provided that is connected to the reduction gear that helps in raising and lowering. This mode of operation is suitable for larger blinds.

    • Motor Operation

      These are button operated and are suitable for a luxury and an effortless style.

    Roman Blinds Installation Services in Melbourne

    Custom Design Blinds provides same day installation services. Our company experts take care of every aspect of installation and also clean the mess up. We do take care of small children if any at home, for this we also provide a child safety cleat with each blind on your order. Don’t get tangled yourself in the installation procedure just call us!

    Why Hire Us?

    • We have an exclusive range of roman blinds that would impart a sophisticated and elegant look to your room.
    • Our professionals help you in selecting the best blinds that will suit your room structure. Not only this, but we will also help in the selection of fabrics and colour coordination.
    • We provide high-quality roman blinds.
    • Along with providing the finest roman blinds, we also provide roman blinds installation services.

    Look no further, visit us today to explore our exclusive range of roman blinds.

Same Day Roman Blind Installation Service

Custom Design blinds have an esteemed staff of technicians who excel at their job. Equipped with the latest machinery and tools and with years of experience they can provide blind installation in your home within 24 hours. This fast and proactive service is available for you at affordable costs. We provide roman blind installation service everywhere in the suburbs. Blinds installation is carried out within 24 hours without compromising with the quality and effectiveness of the blind installation. Our professional staff gives you an absolute guarantee of complete blind installation within the same day. Call our executives today and book an appointment. Our fast and active staff will reach your doorstep and not only install blinds but will also help you in choosing the best custom blind installation service for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Roman Blinds Melbourne:

How do I measure for new blinds?

You need not worry about the measurement as we will send our professional technicians for this work. Make an order for the services and our measurement team will be there at your place. We supply the most fitting blinds for your windows. The measurement will be taken with care and you will get the best.

Will fitting instructions be included with my order?

We have the best technicians for the installation services. We can send them with the supply of the blinds. The blinds will look better only when it will be installed in the perfect manner. The professionals from us can do that easily while doing it yourself may result in some inconvenience.

Do your blinds come with child-safety devices?

The blinds which are manufactured at us are completely safe. It is installed with the safety devices so you need not do anything. We know that childcare is important so we started to make the curtains and blinds with the safety devices.

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