Tips for Correct Window Measurements for Customized Blinds

Are you planning to order custom made window coverings for your new home? Do you know that window measurements play a vital role in deciding how beautiful and functional the blind turns out to be? Yes, precise measurements mean that the blind will fit in the window perfectly and vice versa.

People commit usual and silly mistakes while measuring their windows and when the blinds made with incorrect measurements arrive, disappointment prevails. It leads to not just waste of money but the waste of time and effort too. So to avoid all of this, read below simple tips to keep in mind when measuring your windows for any kind of blind:

Window Measurements for Customised Blinds
  1. Don’t Assume Two Windows Have the Same Size –

    Windows do not have a standard size, so you should never assume that any windows of your house are of the same size. No matter how similar two windows look, when measuring for blinds, you have to measure them separately. There could be small variations in two windows because of house settling or framing. So take proper measurements of each window.

  2. Measure The Size Of The Window Opening –

    Some people measure as per the choice of the blind. For instance, for inside mount window, people might give a slightly smaller measurement, thinking that the blind has to be smaller than the window size to fit in. This is a wrong way. Each blind requires a different kind of deductions to the measurements of the window for a perfect fit. However, all these calculations are done by the manufacturer while designing the blind. Therefore, you have to provide size of the window opening – edge to edge, irrespective of the kind of blind you need.

    Window Measurements for Custom Blinds in Melbourne
    Window Measurements for Custom Blinds in Melbourne
  3. Don’t Measure The Existing Blinds –

    Never fall into the trap of measuring old blinds instead of the actual window. Please remember that when manufacturers make blinds they assume that the measurements provided are of the actual window and they do their calculations on that basis. So if you measure old blinds, your new blinds will definitely be narrower than the required size.

  4. Always Use Steel Measuring Tape –

    A steel measuring tape is the only correct tool to measure your windows for perfectly fit blinds. These have super accurate measurements. Do not ever use a cloth tape, a ruler, or a yardstick for this job.

  5. Measure In Three Places –

    One of the most common mistakes people make is to measure the window from one place only. However, the right way is to measure width and height of the window from 3 places – bottom, middle, and top. Sometimes windows have different sizes from the bottom and top of the evening. It is rare to find a perfectly square window and thus taking measurements from just one place will not lead to a nicely fitted blind.

    How to measure Window Blinds
    How to measure Window Blinds
  6. Read The Tape Measure Correctly –

    A layman is usually unable to read the measuring tape correctly so we have got you covered with proper details. While reading the tape, count the hash marks after the last big number and use the following chart to read the measurements correctly.

Round down to the nearest 1/8” if it is a 16th. For example, if it is 7/16” then you should read it as 3/8”.

  1. Do Not Bend The Tape –

    Never ever bend the tape while measuring your window size. You need not bend the measuring tape even while measuring the inside of a window opening. You should, instead, see the backside of the tape and read the small number that gives you the size for the tape measure housing. Keep the tape’s metal end on one side of your window frame and pull out until the tape rests on window’s other side. Check the measurement and add it to the number written on the backside of the tape housing.

  2. Add Width For Outside Mount Blinds –

    The outside mount blinds are usually a little taller and wider than the opening of the window. So for these blinds, you should not measure the size of the window opening but the size of the blind that you need. It is best to go at least 2” wider than the opening and for height, go at least 3” than the window trim. If you do not add these extra inches, the blind will have gaps.

    Measure Outside Mount Blinds Melbourne
    Measure Outside Mount Blinds Melbourne
  3. Check Your Measurements Twice –

    Before you place your orders, it is advisable to check the measurements twice. It saves from any confusion.

  4. Don’t Mix Up Height and Width –

    While filling up the order form at a blind company, ensure that you do not mix up height and width. It is a common mistake people commit for which they have to pay heavy with ill-fitted blinds.

  5. Remember To Measure The Depth –

    For all inside mounts, the depth of the window is important. Measure from the edge of the window opening to the glass. Also, note down if there are any obstacles in your window opening. It could be anything from a crank handle to a security sensor. Check with your blind consultant to know how you can take measurements with such kind of obstructions.

Blinds Measurement

With all the above-mentioned things in your mind, you are ready to measure your window. Accurate measurements result in perfect fits and thus beautiful blinds. Need more help? Call Custom Design Blinds and ask for any advice you may need regarding customized blinds. We will be happy to guide you through each step and help you get your desired blind with correct measurements!

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